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Building on the success of its previous two standalone rallycross esports events, IMG, the promoter of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, is launching a series of further DiRT Rally 2.0 events in partnership with esports specialist Motorsport Games, and DiRT video game publisher Codemasters.

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The man with a plan, Luis brought InsideRacing into being and takes care of the day-to-day business of the website.

Hailing from just outside Beirut in Lebanon, he has worked in social media and published media for a decade combining his passion for anything on two and four wheels.

Having worked alongside some the pioneers of the motorsport scene in the Middle East, Luis is continuing to build the interest and participation with a dedicated website just a small part of his grand plan.

His favourite team is Red Bull which is perfect as he needs the energy to maintain the temple he has built in the gym over the years and certainly we dare not ask him for an arm wrestling match.

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Every good website needs a computer and programming nerd and Raied is our man to ensure InsideRacing remains in tip-top condition.

Raied has a degree in political science but decided his love for technology was a much more suitable career choice.

If there’s a new innovation that can add that bit of shine to the website, he’ll be the first one to use it along with keeping our moaning writers happy with all their niggling requests.

As for his love of motorsport he only knows two names, Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton, in fact having followed the Doctor since 2004, it was Hamilton who launched his passion for F1 also.

Along with the technical role, Raied also contributes as a journalist so he can come up with his own complaints on what needs improving!