Report: Local government keen on Formula E race at Assen

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Centrist Dutch political party Democrats 66 are keen to bring Formula E to the Assen TT circuit in the Northern Netherlands.

The Assen circuit plays host to a range of top-level motorcycle events including MotoGP and Superbikes, while it also held DTM and W Series races in 2019.

Known at ‘The Cathedral’ of motorcycles, it is a popular circuit among fans and a move to bring Formula E to the track appears to have support from D66 and the municipality’s executive board.

“We know that Formula E prefers to organise a race on a street circuit,” a spokesperson for D66 said.

“But we can imagine that, given the current situation, it is attractive for Formula E to make use of the excellent facilities of the TT Circuit. This event also fits in seamlessly with the ambition of the Northern Netherlands as an ‘energy valley'.” full top fullscreen

The executive board of the municipality in which Assen is based described bringing Formula E to the track as a “great idea”, but they want a promoter or organiser to take control of the project.

“That is a precondition because it is not opportune for a government to take up that role,” a spokesperson for the executive board said.

“The organiser is the one who has to pay the ‘fee’ and organise the event on the track.”