Formula Regional European Championship: changes in the standing of the first race at Spa

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As a result of some penalties occurred when the engines were switched off, the classification of the first round at Spa Francorchamps of the Formula Regional European Championship underwent some changes, starting from the podium.

The first position remained unchanged, with Dino Beganovic (Prema Racing) on top while the ART Grand Prix car of Gabriele Minì was found to be non-compliant during the technical checks.

After the Italian driver’s exclusion from the race classification, behind Beganovic there are now Sami Meguetounif (MP Motorsport), that was penalized with five seconds following a contact with Paul Aron (Prema Racing) and Eduardo Barrichello (Arden Motorsport) getting third.

The red flag shown on the last lap for the exit of Victor Bernier (FA Racing) witnessed a number of drivers remaining on the track without re-entering the pit lane, a manoeuvre that cost them a five-second penalty starting with Barrichello, Aron, Lorenzo Fluxa (R-ace GP), Leonardo Fornaroli (Trident Motorsport), Kas Haverkort (Van Amersfoort Racing), Tim Tramnitz (Trident Motorsport), Owen Tangavelou (RPM) and Joshua Dufek (Van Amersfoort Racing) who completed the top 10.

The European series will restart its engines tomorrow morning for the second race at 11.40.