Vesti wins and is one point from the title

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Frederik Vesti takes first from David Schumacher at the start, stretches and wins without any rivals. In front of Schumacher also Igor Fraga who gains the second position.

The Brazilian unfortunately immediately loses a piece of the front wing, perhaps the failure of a support, so he does not have the pace of his pursuers and acts as a cork to a group that sees behind him, besides Schumacher, also Lirim Zendeli (US Racing), Enzo Fittipaldi (Prema Powerteam) and Jake Hughes (KIC Motorsport).

Schumacher's overtaking attempts on Fraga are many, but the Brazilian driver always manages to resist with incredible coldness and tenacity, but also fairness. In yet another attempt at overtaking, Schumacher goes wide and leaves room for Zendeli, who passes second.

At this point it is up to him to try to overtake Fraga and manages to do so after several laps. Probably the compromised set-up of Fraga's car deteriorates over time the tires and the situation for the Brazilian driver worsens until Schumacher and Hughes also pass.

Meanwhile Vesti, with Fittipaldi fifth, seems to be heading towards the conquest of the title, but the Brazilian of Prema with a stroke of the tail also overtakes Fraga and removes the mathematical certainty of the title for only one point to the Danish.

Also, due to an irregular starting procedure by Schumacher, the German is penalized with a drive through that takes him to the last position.

Tomorrow race 3 will start at 13.05 and will see, if no sensational episodes occur, the coronation of Frederik Vesti at the 2019 Champion of the Formula Regional European Championship 2019.