F3 Regional: Fraga king of Monza in the rain

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Igor Fraga starts from pole followed by team-mate Raul Guzman, who overtakes Frederik Vesti followed by team-mate Enzo Fittipaldi and Sophia Floersch.

Fraga gains distance from the followers, while behind the trio with Guzman, Vesti and Fittipaldi.

The spectacular battle between Vesti and Fittipaldi, slowed down by Guzman, allows Nico Kari (KIC Motorsport) to recover.

The track dries out and the battle between Guzman, Vesti and Fittipaldi is exciting with countless overtaking attempts, but in the end the Mexican with toughness keeps second position.

At Monza DR Formula by RP Motorsport achieves an amazing 1-2, with Fraga, first with over 13 "advantage, and then Guzman, followed by Vesti, Fittipaldi and Kari.