Grosjean linked to IndyCar for 2021 despite previous concerns

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Ex-Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean is being linked to a move to IndyCar for 2021.

The 10-time podium scorer saw his F1 career end in dramatic fashion last month after surviving a fiery accident at the Bahrain Grand Prix, which saw his car break in half with his cockpit wedged in the barrier.

Thankfully, the Halo and other safety measures meant Grosjean escaped with only burns to his hands, with IndyCar keen to learn the lessons of what happened to the former Haas driver.

“We’ve had one off-season team manager meeting and another one coming up here shortly, and we’ll go through this and standardize some things,” IndyCar President Jaye Frye told Racer.

“We all saw what happened with [Grosjean], and what’s the result? Well, the result was what you want, and the driver was okay.

“Obviously it was a big incident, so we were already looking at some quick disconnect options on a few things, and when we get the report – the findings – on the F1 crash, we’ll also see if there’s anything in there we could do better, do differently with our frame and screen.

“Our system is different than theirs, but there’s a lot of similar things that can carry over.”

Indeed, last year the American series adopted its own cockpit protection in the form of the Red Bull-developed Aeroscreen, which was largely successful despite some concerns over ventilation at some races.

“Throughout the course of the year, there were a few incidents that certainly came into play that had the positive results that we will always want, which was the drivers walked away,” Frye added.

“Overall, you don’t get too loud when something does its job as the Aeroscreen did; I mean, that’s what it’s there for. But it was a real success that a lot of people were part of, and we’re really proud of it.”

It is perhaps then with that added safety in place that Grosjean is now reportedly close to signing for IndyCar team Dale Coyne Racing for this year.

Previously, the 34-year-old had voiced reluctancy in trying the series due to concerns about competing on ovals, but with just four races currently planned on Speedways in 2021, Romain appears to have had a change of heart.

The drive is not yet confirmed, with several other drivers, including Pietro Fittipaldi, who was Grosjean's stand-in for the final two races of last year at Haas, also mentioned.

But certainly, after the events of Bahrain, it will be great to see Grosjean back on any racetrack in any car in the near future.