Raikkonen on NASCAR vs F1: 'People can actually overtake without DRS'

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Kimi Raikkonen aimed a not-so-subtle dig at Formula 1, suggesting drivers in NASCAR "can actually overtake without DRS".

The 2007 world champion returned to NASCAR for the second time with TrackHouse Racing's Project 91 last weekend as the series made its debut at COTA, home of the United States Grand Prix.

Sadly, much like his first outing with the team last year at Watkins Glen, luck wasn't on Raikkonen's side as an encouraging P4 position late on ended with a P29 finish after falling down the order following a caution, plus a post-race penalty.

But the 'Iceman' wasn't deterred by the outcome and is remaining open-minded about future returns to NASCAR.

“I don’t know. I mean, nobody knows," he said via Motorsport.com.

“It’s such a shame how it went in the end, but I think we did the right thing. We were there but then on the restart, it’s how it was. We’ll see what the future brings. Right now, I have no clue.

“It was a long race. Our cool suit didn’t work half of the race, it stopped working. So it was quite hot in the car. It was fun going through the field, but it was a bit intense on the restarts.”

Ahead of the race, Raikkonen compared racing at COTA in NASCAR vs. F1 and noted one main difference...

“There are places you can overtake, and especially in F1, you don’t get a lot of circuits where you can have a good race,” he said.


“People can actually overtake without the DRS, and it feels more like a normal older-style F1 racing.

“The racing is slightly different because in F1, with open wheels, if you touch somebody you usually lose a car or lose the wheel.

“You cannot really take that risk in F1 because you lose tiny parts of the car, and your car is suddenly a second slower than it should be.

“In NASCAR, you can have a bit closer racing. Obviously, the rules are different, they’re more open here.

“I think it’s more of if you kind of behave, well they’ll behave a similar way against you the way I’ve understood. It makes it more exciting at the end of the races when people can be quite aggressive.”