Ferrari drop appeal against Canadian GP penalty - reports

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Ferrari has opted not to appeal Sebastian Vettel's penalty at the Canadian Grand Prix, it is reported.

Thursday was the final day for the Italian team to present their case to the FIA, however, the Daily Mail and other sources are claiming team boss Mattia Binotto has notified they will not proceed.

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The appeal of the five-second penalty, which ultimately gave victory to Lewis Hamilton in Montreal, was already seen as a desperate bid that was likely to fail.

As Sky Sports' Martin Brundle wrote in his post-race column, had Ferrari proceeded, Mercedes would have simply argued that Lewis drove knowing the penalty was coming and would have pushed harder to overtake otherwise.

Also, there is a provision in the regulations which stated that five-second penalties were not able to be appealed against.

While the debate rumbles on as to whether the decision made by the stewards was the correct one, it now won't change the fact that records show Hamilton as the winner of Sunday's race.